Terms & Conditions

When using the services and website of WOODPECKER Woodcraft is agreeing to the terms and conditions of use. Please read carefully before proceeding.
By accepting the terms and conditions the user agrees with the policies of the WOODPECKER WOODCRAFT expressed in this document and with the processing of their individual information by the same, in matters related to the activity spectrum of the same and in order to allow to provide a better service to the user. THE WOODPECKER Woodcraft will never share your personal information with third parties or use it in any situation that does not include the express benefit of the customer and his economic activity, such as sharing his address with the post office so that the delivery of the purchase can take place. (if this is the medium chosen by the buyer).
Electronic Communications 
When using the services of WOODPECKER Woodcraft, the user will be communicating electronically with us. By accepting the terms you are authorizing us to contact you through the different electronic means related to our activity, including e-mail, messages via the website WOODPECKER Woodcraft, facebook and instagram (when the latter two are the means of communication chosen by the user to contact us). In electronic contacts with us you are authorized to keep electronic copies of any documents or messages sent from us, as long as they are assigned to the user in question.
All content present on our website and means of promotion (including all social networks and means of physical dissemination) are not available for dissemination and propagation without the express written authorization of WOODPECKER Woodcraft. As a user of our services you are committing yourself to respect the proprietary rights of the WOODPECKER Woodcraft and to declare that you understand that you are not authorized to disclose any content owned by WOODPECKER Woodcraft without its authorization.
Your account
When using the services of WOODPECKER Woodcraft is responsible for keeping your account information as well as user data and passwords that you may use confidential, for keeping access to your personal computer by unwanted parties prohibited and accepts responsibility for any activity carried out under your identity or account. To make purchases you must be at least 18 (eighteen) years old. By accepting these terms you are declaring yourself as an adult with legal capacity to exercise and over the age of 18 (eighteen) years. THE WOODPECKER Woodcraft also prohibits the use of accounts for fraudulent purposes, including, but not limited to, tax, banking or identity fraud. In the case of detection of fraudulent activities under the user's identity or personal account, the WOODPECKER Woodcraft reserves the right to close the account of the user in question and reveal the information contained therein to the judicial authorities covering the spectrum of the offense committed, including the initiation of legal actions, if required by them.
Comments, Reviews, Ratings, Communications and other content
In all communications carried out through the website or other available means of communication, respect for all parties involved and common sense must always be present. THE WOODPECKER Woodcraft will not tolerate comments, photos or any other type of content posted by its users that could be classified as defamatory, offensive, racist, xenophobic, sexual, invasive of the privacy of any citizen, obscene, illegal, or insulting in relation to the 3rd. It is also forbidden to divulge and spread any type of content that contains viruses, spam, political campaigns or other political advertising, electronic messages to third parties that were not requested by them, or misleading in terms of personal identity or identity. any entity, originating the message or content, as well as the use of fake and third party emails. THE WOODPECKER Woodcraft reserves the right (but not the obligation) to remove or edit content of the aforementioned nature, but does not regularly evaluate and scrutinize it for user privacy reasons.
Copyright Issues
THE WOODPECKER Woodcraft respects the intellectual property of others. If you think your work or product has been copied please contact us via our email with the title “Copyrights - Urgent”. By using our service, you are also committing yourself to respect the copyright and intellectual property laws of both the country where you purchase and Portugal.
Risk of Loss
All items purchased through WOODPECKER Woodcraft are subject to conditions of carriage. This means that the risk of loss, title and property of the asset passes to you from the moment it is delivered and accepted by you. However, they are subject to the exchange policy.
Exchange Policy
PICA · PAU Woodcraft considers customer satisfaction to be one of the core values of its activity. As such, customers who are not satisfied with the products purchased have the option possibility to exchange your products for any other product you want within a period of 14 working days after delivery of the product, however, they are always subject to any value adjustments to fill any discrepancy in values between the product purchased and which intends to be exchanged and the product which intends to be received as a counterparty for the exchange. In the case of the first exchange, it is enough that you send the product to us in the same condition as it was delivered and without any damage, that we will send you another model of your choice, subject to the price adjustment conditions mentioned above. The payment of the transport costs, from the buyer to PICA · PAU Woodcraft, is the responsibility of the buyer, being the cost of transportation of the PICA · PAU Woodcraft to the buyer covered by PICA · PAU Woodcraft. If the buyer intends to make more than one exchange for the same purchase, all shipping costs must be borne by the buyer. THE PICA · PAU Woodcraft does not have a return and refund policy, that is, we make exchanges, but we do not refund the buyer if he is not satisfied with the product. THE PICA · PAU Woodcraft reserves the right to reject exchanges if it considers that the products are damaged or in an inferior condition in relation to the time of purchase. We advise all users to photograph all the products they receive upon receipt, so that when they are exchanged or in case the product arrives damaged, they have proof of what happened. THE PICA · PAU Woodcraft reserves the right to reject any exchange or accept responsibility for any damage to products that are not properly evidenced with hard evidence.
Product Descriptions
THE PICA · PAU Woodcraft tries to make all product descriptions as accurate and precise as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that we are not subject to human error, therefore, we cannot guarantee that the product description is 100% accurate, complete, current, or error-free. If the description of a product is not accurate, the only possible patch, compensation and action to take is to return the product to us in its original condition and choose another product for exchange.
THE PICA · PAU Woodcraft reserves the right to choose and modify the prices of its products. It does not guarantee that it will be able to practice the prices that the buyer intends in the case of purchase based on outdated information or promotions that are not in force at the time of purchase. However, it will try to do everything to ensure your customer's satisfaction with any problem of incorrect information affecting the price.
We remind you again that by continuing to use our commercial platforms you are agreeing to our terms and conditions expressed in this document. If you have any questions regarding them do not hesitate to contact us.