Our Sustainability Mission

At PICA·PAU Woodcraft® we are passionate about two main things: style and sustainability. Our aim is to help people to look their best, while preserving the environment. That's why all of our sunglasses are handmade with 100% natural materials.

We also partner with several reforestation projects around the world by planting 5 trees for each pair of glasses sold.


To support conservation, we only use natural and renewable materials in the production of our sunglasses. The wood used to make our sunglasses is sourced from sustainable forests and reclaimed skateboard boards.
We also use bamboo, one of the most renewable natural materials in the world. Bamboo is incredibly strong, light and flexible. It is also the fastest growing plant on our planet, reaching a growth rate of up to 1 meter per day!



We plant 5 trees for every pair of glasses sold.
We work in partnership with global reforestation projects from all around the world, such as the Trillion Tree Campaign, Trees For the Future or WWF.



Join us in this mission for a more sustainable future.


Tree Planting Partners - Trillion Tree Campaign - World Wildlife Fund - Trees For The Future