Along the border of Argentina and Brazil lies the famous Iguazu Falls, the largest chain of waterfalls in the world. An 80 metre deep chasm known as Garganta do Diablo sits within this natural wonder, drinking up roughly half of the water flowing from the Iguazu River above. 

The raw strength and beauty of nature represented by Garganta do Diablo has influenced the design of our most popular model. With its bold lines and striking details, the Diablo is our version of the classic Wayfarer made from natural materials.


  • Certified polarized lenses + UV400 protection (UVA/UVB)
  • Handcrafted from reclaimed skateboard wood
  • Adjustable arms
  • Lightweight and resistant
  • Includes cloth and microfiber pouch for better care
  • Includes a foldable cork box. Hard and resistant, our cork box was designed for practicality


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