Suns Out, Plastics Out

Welcome to Pica Pau Woodcraft: Where Sustainability Meets Style!

Hey there, beach lovers and eco-warriors! We're Pica Pau Woodcraft, a Portuguese brand with a passion for surf, sun, and making the world a greener place. If you're wondering why "Suns Out, Plastics Out" is our motto, buckle up – we've got a story to tell!

Why Wooden Sunglasses? Because Mother Nature Rocks!

Ever thought about what happens to those plastic sunglasses you left at the beach? Yeah, us too. That's why we ditched plastic and fell head over heels for wood. Our sunglasses aren't just stylish – they're the green warriors of eyewear.

Here's the Lowdown on Why Wooden Sunnies Rule:

Mother Nature's Best Friend: Wood is renewable. Plastic? Not so much. We love our planet, so we choose materials that give back, not take away.

Bye-Bye, Plastic Waste: Plastic sunglasses stick around like that friend who never leaves the party. Wooden sunnies? They decompose, making them the cool kids of the eyewear world.

Less Carbon, More Style: Crafting wood shades is kinder to the planet. Less energy, fewer emissions, and a whole lot of style – that's how we roll.

One-of-a-Kind Vibes: Each pair is unique, just like you. No mass-produced, soulless shades here. Embrace the quirks and flaunt your individuality.

Tree Hugger? Us Too: We're not just about sunglasses; we're about making a difference. For every pair you snag, we plant five trees. It's our way of giving back and keeping the world green.


Suns Out, Plastics Out – Join the Movement!

Our "Suns Out, Plastics Out" campaign is our battle cry against the plastic invasion. When you choose Pica Pau Woodcraft, you're not just getting sunglasses; you're joining a movement. Click here to read more about why wooden sunnies are the ultimate beach buddies.

The Future Looks Bright – and Sustainable!

But wait, there's more! We're not stopping at sunglasses. Pica Pau is on a mission to be your go-to for all things surf and sustainable fashion. Imagine a world where your threads are as eco-friendly as your shades – that's the dream, and we're making it happen.

So, What's Next? Dive In, Ride the Waves, and Embrace the Green!

Thanks for stopping by Pica Pau Woodcraft, where the sun is always shining, and the plastics are nowhere to be found. Dive into our world, ride the waves of change with us, and let's make sustainable living the coolest trend on the beach!

Cheers to sunny days, good vibes, and a planet-friendly wardrobe! 🌞🌿